JOHN WEST For Salads Packaging design - Shopper activation

Developing a new market for John West


Based on insights John West developed new products for the application in the Salads playing field. The question to us was to develop a concept that builds on the fresh and healthy world of meal salads. Also important was a high impact and brand recognition on shelf.


Under the proposition name John West for Salads we developed a highly recognisable logo and graphic identity, enabling John West to position this project well in Point of Sale and other communication. We developed the key visual, where we find a lettuce and a tuna pack in a strong embrace: Best friends. The pay-off 'delicious salades in an instant' refelect the consumer benefit.


We chose a carton sleeve wrapped around the can, which generates a huge impact when positioned in the shelf. Delicious serving suggestions and a presentation in a light environment provide taste and appeal. Recipes presented inside the sleeves, offer consumers the inspiration to create a rich salad in an instant with the 4 products in this range

Tuna Sundried tomatoes

Tuna Chili Garlic

Tuna Basil

Tuna Balsamic