Ready for the future

A revolutionary introduction of sustainable products requires a sustainable campaign


Greenery & sustainability is the common thread in Bostik's policy and strategy plans. This is not just a marketing issue but an awareness of everyone in the industry chain. And so Bostik Benelux proves its innovative strength and awareness of sustainability with the introduction of the highly sustainable Bostik Premium Aware products. Bostik Benelux has asked us to develop a 360 campaign for this revolutionary introduction of Premium Aware sealants and adhesives for the professional market.


At Bostik, they are very conscious about the future: "together we are responsible for the future of our planet and improving the living environment". This ambition brought our creative team to the concept "ready for the future" for Premium Aware. A valuable framework for the campaign and to build a successful introduction of Bostik Premium Aware in the Benelux.


To get acquainted with this new generation of high-quality, sustainable products, we developed and produced under the concept of "Ready for the future!" an extensive toolkit of consistent means of communication such as a video film, key visuals, packshots, advertisements, digital formats and POS means. In short, to convince you that you are building a better world together with Bostik as a professional.