100% enjoy from the first sip Packaging design

Hero FruitSap and FruitFris Less Sweet


Together with Hero Marketing and our creative designer Sandra, we have put our teeth into the new packaging design of Hero fruit juices. The assignment was to radiate the 100% fruit and to strengthen Hero's love for fruit.


By displaying lots of fresh and delicious fruit and literally putting it in the sun, we have more than succeeded. With all 6 varieties of Hero FruitSap and the less sweet Hero FruitFris, everyone can enjoy it from the first sip.

Hero FruitSap & FruitFris are delicious, pure juices from 100% fruit and are full of vitamin C. Our fruit is full of flavor and we prefer to keep it as pure as possible. Hero Fruit Juice is available in the flavors Orange, Orange Mango Mandarin, Multifruit and Orange Strawberry Apple. The less sweet varieties of Hero FruitFris are available in the flavors Orange and Multifruit. They all contain sugars naturally present in fruit, so no sugars and/or sweeteners are added.